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Minnsights Blog

  • Grow Minnesota! summer quarterly 2023

    Sep 6, 2023
    The Grow Minnesota! program was founded in 2003 on a simple premise: chambers of commerce and economic development organizations can advance Minnesota’s economy by proactively connecting businesses to resources to grow and expand in the state. This has remained Grow Minnesota!’s core mission for nearly twenty years.
  • Advancing Workplace Inclusion: The Chamber Foundation’s Workforce DEI Initiative

    Aug 14, 2023
    In the realm of fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, the Minnesota Chamber and the Chamber Foundation stand out as trailblazers. As pioneers in their commitment to workforce DEI, we have embarked on a journey that not only sets an example but also provides essential resources to businesses seeking to build inclusive environments. Distinctive for being one of the first and only state Chambers to engage in DEI work to such a substantial extent, we are leveraging our trusted partnership with the business community and are grounded in a belief that building inclusive workplaces is not solely business imperative, but an economic imperative (based upon the changing demographics in our state and underrepresented demographics that are still unengaged in our workforce).
  • Energy Smart delivers energy and cost savings for Allina Health

    Aug 11, 2023
    As a member of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Allina Health’s Environmental Sustainability Manager, Suzanne Hansen and Energy Smart have teamed up as part of their Green Teams initiative. The first step - get the portfolio of facilities benchmarked to evaluate priority buildings and complete energy consultations. In 2022, Energy Smart completed ten consultations with Allina Health. Often, these facilities manage a tight ship when it comes to operations and maintenance and have already captured the low-hanging fruit of energy efficiency projects. Energy Smart adds value as an extension of the Allina Health team by identifying projects for which rebates were not applied.