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  • Industry report: Medical devices are saving lives and Minnesota’s economy 

    Dec 15, 2023
    Minnesota’s economy is made up of a diverse set of industries. Understanding trends across industry sectors can better illuminate underlying strengths and challenges in the economy. This report looks beneath the aggregate data to see how Minnesota’s various industry sectors are performing and tracks progress in the development of key sectors of its economy.
  • 2023 session outcomes: Earned sick and safe time

    Dec 15, 2023
    Employers are also mandated to provide one hour of fully paid sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to 48 hours a year with a carry over up to 80 hours, including temporary and part-time employees. Employees must be paid at the same rate they would earn if they were working. Employees may take this time off to care for a broad-based definition of “family members.” The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) oversees compliance and penalties and can be used in tandem - “stacked” - with Paid Family Medical Leave. This will take effect January 1, 2024.
  • Waste Wise success story: CAP Carpet & Flooring

    Dec 11, 2023
    As a member of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Allina Health’s Environmental Sustainability Manager, Suzanne Hansen and Energy Smart have teamed up as part of their Green Teams initiative. The first step - get the portfolio of facilities benchmarked to evaluate priority buildings and complete energy consultations. In 2022, Energy Smart completed ten consultations with Allina Health. Often, these facilities manage a tight ship when it comes to operations and maintenance and have already captured the low-hanging fruit of energy efficiency projects. Energy Smart adds value as an extension of the Allina Health team by identifying projects for which rebates were not applied.
  • WSB's Opportunity+ fast tracks participants toward exciting careers

    Dec 1, 2023
    Recently, Whitney Harvey, Senior Director of Workforce Diversity and Inclusion of the Minnesota Chamber Foundation sat down with Laura Rescorla, Project Engineer with WSB, to discuss WSB's unique job training program, Opportunity+. The article marks the first in a series that highlights the incredible Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work that Minnesota Chamber members do each and every day.
  • How labor law posters can keep your business compliant as laws change

    Nov 30, 2023
    The 2023 legislative session ushered in a host of significant legislative changes, impacting businesses and employees alike. From tax increases to new business regulations, staying compliant with these evolving laws is crucial. To help your business navigate these changes effectively, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is your trusted partner in keeping your business compliant with new labor law posters. 

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