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Top 5 reasons to apply for Leaders Lab

Hear what former participants have to say about Leaders Lab

Leaders Lab is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage Minnesota’s developing business leaders (approximately late 20s to 40). It will enhance your personal and professional growth, connect you with business leaders statewide, and provide understanding into what drives Minnesota’s economy and how policy affects the success of business in our state. The program consists of four, two-day sessions. 

Why should you apply for Leaders Lab? Take it from some of our recent participants: the top 5 reasons to apply for Leaders Lab this year. 

Experience new perspectives

1. Experience new perspectives. 

"The state of Minnesota is fortunate to have many examples of thriving and successful business. It is imperative that we make time to listen to the diverse voices that make up the business landscape and learn from one another. Leaders Lab provided me the opportunity to get to know other business leaders and be inspired about the incredible work that they are doing. Most importantly, it provided me with new connections and engaging conversations about the impact of policy and economic changes."


Coralis Rodriguez Torres, Associate/Project Designer, Pope Design Group



2. Learn about different industries that make up Minnesota's diverse economy. 

"Up until this experience, I've had minimal interaction with companies and leaders outside of the agricultural industry. Leaders Lab provided me an opportunity to grow my network through interaction with an elite group of individuals from varying backgrounds and careers, all while sharing my own knowledge and passions along the way. The program highlighted the diversity of Minnesota industries, helping me determine my role in the state’s economy, community, and environment both today and as I move forward in my career."

Sydney Klimesh, Reliability Engineer, Christensen Farms


Leadership icon

3. Grow professionally through leadership development.

Nick Gawreluk, Business Unit Director, Signs and Graphics, Taylor Corporation



4. Make connections with peers that you can grow in your career with.

"Completing the program alongside fellow young professionals in various industries brings different perspectives and allows you to grow your network in an authentic and accelerated way. It’s an opportunity to learn from others, the processes they are adopting to diversify their policies, operations and adapt to new technologies.  It’s a group I can lean on and throughout my career."

Ra'eesa Motala, Vice President - Industrial and Corporate Solutions, Rokos Advisors


5. Receive an inside look into policies and issues that shape Minnesota's economy. 

5. Receive an inside look into policies and issues that shape Minnesota's economy. 

"In a world where being highly specialized and working globally is the new normal, this program accomplishes so much good for young Minnesota leaders. Leaders Lab participants gain valuable insights into various industries that directly impact our state and local communities. This program helps you understand the current and future challenges our state is facing and how we are collectively working towards solutions."

Wes otto

Wesley Otto CEO + Founder, OMG - Otto Media Group, Owner, Zanz Mexican Restaurant and Owner + Publisher, Connect Business Magazine


Interested in learning more?

Visit our Leaders Lab information page to read more about Leaders Lab and view a schedule of the four sessions. Questions? Contact Elizabeth Sherry at