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What can ChamberHealth do for your business?


Looking to offer health insurance for your employees?

ChamberHealth is a collection of health insurance products from trusted partners like medica and  united designed to give small and mid-sized employers access to high-quality, affordable health insurance for their employees. 

Looking for an insurance broker for your company? View this list of Minnesota Chamber member insurance brokers.

Benefits may include:

  • Average of 5 - 10%, or more, in lower premiums
  • Features and benefits for small to mid-sized businesses typically available only to large companies
  • Access to local doctors, hospitals and other providers
  • Providing an employee benefit to attract and retain top workers
  • Additional savings with bundling of group life, disability, dental or vision

Hear from Minnesota Chamber members finding real savings with ChamberHealth

Ingrid Christensen, President, INGCO International

Ingrid Christensen, President, INGCO International

"As a small business owner, employee retention is one of my main concerns. With about 20 employees globally,
I knew that we had to expand our benefits offerings to remain competitive and keep our employees,
but I was lost in this space between being too small for a big insurance company and too big for a DIY solution.
When the Minnesota Chamber announced its new benefit solutions, I reached out to find out more surprisingly,
within two weeks, we were up and running with the plan for all of our eligible employees.
I never imagined that the process could be so easy, so streamlined, and most importantly for me, affordable.
I've been really happy to recommend the program to other Chamber members and small businesses like mine,
and I'm proud to offer my employees a benefits package that works for them and their families and for our company."



Jennifer Hellman, CEO/President, Goff Public

Jennifer Hellman, CEO/President, Goff Public

“Changing our employee benefits to ChamberHealth by Medica was an easy decision for us.
As a small business, it allowed us to offer our employees better plans with
additional features and lower deductibles at a more competitive price;
prices that have traditionally only been offered to large employers




Stacia Nelson, Founder & CEO, Pivot Strategies

Stacia Nelson, Founder & CEO, Pivot Strategies

"Thanks to the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce's ChamberHealth plan, we were able to
offer our team multiple options for the first time.

This gave our team the flexibility to choose the best plan for their needs while
saving both Pivot and employees money over prior year costs."




We answer your questions on ChamberHealth

View this on-demand webinar to learn how to leverage your Chamber membership by accessing ChamberHealth to maximize cost savings while delivering unparalleled employee benefits, creating a win-win scenario for both your business and your workforce. Elevate your insurance experience with ChamberHealth, available through any broker.


Interested in learning more about ChamberHealth?

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