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2023 Leaders Lab participant profiles

Leaders Lab is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage Minnesota’s developing business leaders (approximately late 20s to 40). It will enhance your personal and professional growth, connect you with business leaders statewide, and provide understanding into what drives Minnesota’s economy and how policy affects the success of business in our state. To learn more about Leaders Lab, click here

Check back to this page as more of our wonderful 2023 Leaders Lab participants are profiled!



Profiled on May 18

Tell us a piece of good news that happened this past year in your life.  
I’ve had the opportunity to really define the marketing department and its vision. I’ve added headcount, budget and the team is producing killer results.    

What’s your favorite thing that’s made in Minnesota?  
The USPS postal tote. MDI (the company I work for) is the main provider of these essential containers, with over 100 million postal totes made in Minnesota.    

Where did you grow up and why was it a great place?  
Baltic, South Dakota. I was close to my grandma and grandpa, who were influential in my upbringing. My grandma drove the school bus for 40 years and grandpa worked in the meat plant.    

What piece of advice has most impacted you so far in your leadership journey? 
Always know your “why."

Tell us something super interesting about yourself.  
I played club Rugby for the University of Nebraska Lincoln.