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Environmental sustainability reporting

Guide your business toward sustainability  

Environmental sustainability reporting shares a snapshot of the impact an organization’s operations have on the environment (such as greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, energy usage, etc.) and the steps being taken to improve it.  

Reporting benefits a business by providing: 

  • Transparency and accountability  
  • Stakeholder engagement and satisfaction - including investors, employees, and customers 
  • Brand enhancement 
  • Setting benchmarks for performance 
  • Risk management 
  • Competitive advantage 
  • Regulatory compliance 

Our fee-based environmental sustainability reporting service includes: 

  • A personal sustainability specialist focused on your company. 
  • Custom report focused on current greenhouse gas emissions, waste, energy and water usage, initiatives in progress, and strategies for the future.  

See a sample Environmental Sustainability Report


Any and all proceeds directed by Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation are restricted to the sole and intended purpose of managing and implementing Waste Wise and Energy Smart, two programs of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.