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Elizabeth Sherry

Elizabeth Sherry

Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships

Elizabeth Sherry is the Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships for the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. She works closely with the events team to secure sponsorship for large projects like Session Priorities, Business Day at the Capitol, the Annual Meeting and more. She serves as the Vice President of Marketing and Communications on the board for Meeting Professionals International and is the Program Manager for The Twin Cities Wedding & Event Professionals. She has won three International Live Event Association awards in the past couple years. Elizabeth has been a three time speaker at national Special Event Conference in 2013, 2014, 2015.

Elizabeth Sherry most recently comes to us from the Guthrie Theater. Her responsibilities there were focused on venue logistics and event orchestration. One of her largest projects with the Guthrie was successfully planning eight Super Bowl events, all taking place within 52 hours leading into the big game. 

Elizabeth enjoys as much family time as she can get. Her husband Michael, daughter Payton, two high-energy dogs and her like to spend time at the park and outdoors. Elizabeth is surrounded by a lot of in town extended relatives and loves the opportunity to spend time with them.