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Center for Workforce Solutions

A private-sector solution to Minnesota's workforce shortage

The Center for Workforce Solutions is the first-of-its kind in Minnesota, a business-led initiative to ensure employers and employees possess the necessary tools for jobs of the future. Through innovative programs, creative leadership and key partnerships, it offers solutions to confront the state’s worker shortage. The Center is developing a robust resource for employers seeking to tap into Minnesota’s hidden talent pools, providing more opportunities for both potential workers, and employees.

The Business Education Network (BEN) seeks to narrow the skills gap by helping students understand career opportunities in their communities. BEN partnerships, led by local chambers, connect students to appropriate training and education, and most importantly, with employers in the community. 

As the leading statewide, private sector business organization, our resources, events and research bring together business and community leaders to act on our workforce challenges and offer solutions to ensure long-term economic success.


Center for Workforce Solutions programs, reports and initiatives

Workforce solutions: Timely resources to help your business
Workforce solutions: Resources for your business
Diversity equity and inclusion
Diversity equity and inclusion workforce resources
Business education network 5-year report
Business education network 5-year report
The Economic Contributions of Immigrants in MN
The Economic Contributions of Immigrants in MN

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For more information on the Center for Workforce Solutions or to get involved, contact Jennifer Byers at 651.292.4673

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