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Waste Wise success story: Valleyfair sees towering results following Waste Wise visits


Valleyfair sees towering results following Waste Wise visits

Valleyfair Amusement Park began working with Minnesota Waste Wise in the Winter of 2020 after learning of a Scott County grant opportunity to assist in reducing waste and improving recycling. At the time, the park was recycling in their administrative buildings but had interest in starting an organics recycling program to divert food waste from the landfill. ​

Minnesota Waste Wise assisted Valleyfair in applying for a Scott County Business Recycling Grant to purchase the necessary supplies needed to start composting in their many kitchens throughout the park. This included green organics carts and bins, BPI-certified bin liners, and custom labels.  Additionally, Minnesota Waste Wise provided the education needed for Valleyfair to create a training video for staff to execute their new organics recycling program. ​

In its first season with organics recycling, Valleyfair diverted 27,300 pounds of organic materials including food scraps, compostable paper and oil-soiled cardboard. ​



“The associates appreciated the effort we put in to develop a food recycling program in the kitchens. This [program] gave us the jumpstart we needed.”​ – Andy Bursey, Park Operations Manager







Waste Wise can help you reduce waste and save money

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