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How can the federal government help you export?

How can the federal government help you export? 

Three regional directors from the Export-Import Bank sat down to answer some of our questions about export financing.  

But first, what is the Export-Import Bank? 

The Export–Import (EXIM) Bank of the United States is the official export credit agency of the United States federal government. They provide a number of insurance programs, loan guarantees and educational resources. Generally, EXIM provides export finance solutions to decrease risk and allow US businesses to offer more favorable terms to foreign buyers. 

To contact the Minnesota EXIM office, email Ursala Wegrzynowicz at or call 224-369-4187. 

How does EXIM help businesses get paid? 




Fast-fire Facts or Fiction 

  • Can a business be “too small” to export? 
  • Is exporting more expensive? 
  • Can a business be competitive internationally? 
  • Expertise 
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How does a business find buyers and start exporting?  

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