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Energy Smart and Waste Wise success story: Gruber Pallets Inc.


First energy savings then waste reduction;
Gruber Pallets finds success with
Energy Smart and Waste Wise

Gruber Pallets Inc. (GPI) was looking for ways to reduce their energy bills and brighten their dark production area when they connected with Energy Smart. GPI is a family-owned business in Lake Elmo, Minnesota that builds, repairs and supplies pallets.  

On an Energy Smart consultation visit an energy efficiency specialist agreed that a lighting upgrade would make a big difference in their energy usage. Energy Smart helped GPI apply for the Business Energy Efficiency grant for the lighting project, in addition to the almost $10,000 in rebates from Xcel Energy. 

GPI has already used the expected annual cost savings from the efficiency improvement to appreciate their employees by supplying them with new boots. As GPI plans future upgrades, they would like a new building with a layout more efficient for the business. Energy Smart looks forward to supporting this businesses’ big efficiency dreams.  

Total energy savings:

Final Rebate Amount: $9,949.04 

Final kW Savings: 77,874.67 

Final Annual Cost Savings: $5,167.93 

Business Energy Efficiency Grant: $4,000 

“Energy Smart was instrumental in helping us navigate the rebate application process with Xcel. Their grant made our project an affordable reality. Since the project was completed, the updated lighting has made the production floor safer," said Wendy Bray.

But the savings didn't stop there. By working with the Chamber's Waste Wise team, Gruber Pallets applied for the BizRecycling Waste Reduction and Innovation Grant to install a double pallet dismantling system. This system allows them to process twice the amount of junk pallets at their facility. The dismantler separates the pallet layers and employees then sort and grade the lumber either for resale or to be used in building new pallets. Any unusable material is ground up into mulch meaning that no wood waste goes to the landfill. The extra processing ability has allowed Gruber to grow their sales volume and reduce their labor cost. 






Waste Wise can help you reduce waste and save money

Waste Wise experts have secured more than a million dollars in grants for Minnesota businesses that reduce, reuse, and recycle. We’re here to help you get started. A site visit is a quick and easy way to identify projects that help your organization reduce waste and save money.