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Advancing Workplace Inclusion: The Chamber Foundation’s Workforce DEI Initiative


By: Whitney Harvey
Senior Director of Workforce Diversity and Inclusion

In the realm of fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, the Minnesota Chamber and the Chamber Foundation stand out as trailblazers. As pioneers in their commitment to workforce DEI, we have embarked on a journey that not only sets an example but also provides essential resources to businesses seeking to build inclusive environments. Distinctive for being one of the first and only state Chambers to engage in DEI work to such a substantial extent, we are leveraging our trusted partnership with the business community and are grounded in a belief that building inclusive workplaces is not solely business imperative, but an economic imperative (based upon the changing demographics in our state and underrepresented demographics that are still unengaged in our workforce).  

Empowering Education
In the pursuit of fostering statewide workplace inclusion, the Chamber Foundation has continued its goal of providing educational opportunities, delivering business leaders with innovative insights, knowledge and content on DEI from other Chamber members and partners. The commitment to continuous learning showcases the Chamber’s dedication to empowering businesses with the tools they need to drive meaningful change. Our DEI Playbook is intended to provide Minnesota businesses with a simplified and attainable approach to diversity, equity, inclusion and workplace belonging through utilization of the online Minnesota Chamber DEI Resource Center.

The most recent virtual event focused on making workplace inclusion a business imperative that spans beyond hiring diverse candidates. This session featured DEI leaders from Chamber member companies and focused on the importance of setting the tone at the top, how it can lead to long-term employee retention, and provided tips and tools for leading inclusively. Don’t miss our upcoming webinar on Thursday, November 9 at 12:00 p.m. on using data to create inclusive workplaces. 

Catalyzing change through speaking engagements
Recognizing that change is often sparked through dialogue and interaction, the Chamber Foundation goes beyond the virtual realm with its offering of speaking engagements focused on the private sector employer audience. Leveraging our influential partnerships with DEI experts and business leaders pursuing their own DEI journeys, the Chamber Foundation delivers highly engaging and enlightening sessions that resonate with businesses of all sizes, in all regions of the state at various stages of their DEI journeys. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, the Chamber Foundation’s DEI initiative ensures that businesses are equipped to identify their individual opportunities and help transform intentions into actions. If you are interested in engaging the Chamber Foundation as a Workforce DEI speaker, please contact Whitney Harvey, Senior Director, Workforce Diversity and Inclusion at  


The Chamber can help

The Minnesota Chamber Foundation’s DEI initiative can help you define a unique and tailored pathway for your business. Whether you have not yet started, are in the infant stages of your DEI journey, or are simply interested in understanding what the opportunities are in this space, we have the tools, resources, and connections to meet your business where it’s at. If your business is interested in taking meaningful and intentional action toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace or is interested in participating in our DEI assessment pilot, please contact Whitney Harvey, Senior Director of Workforce Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

"Whitney Harvey in her role as Senior Director of Workforce Diversity and Inclusion at the Minnesota Chamber Foundation is instrumental in assisting with the identification of valuable resources and tools to continue on your business DEI journey. Whitney engages in challenging conversations as you explore the opportunities and challenges with leading DEI efforts in the workplace. I highly recommend contacting Whitney and the Minnesota Chamber if your business community is interested in developing and implementing DEI action steps for success." - Toby Spanier, Extension Educator, Leadership & Civic Engagement, Center for Community Vitality, Mid Central Research & Outreach Center, University of Minnesota